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“Get Over It”-Learning to Accept your Body

Posted Nov 05 2011 12:00am

I get a lot of people asking me how I got over my bad body image and how I learned to love my body… because there a lot of people out there who want to love their body, but they can’t because their minds are just… well screwin’ with em.. and honestly guys.. my BEST advice on this one is to just GET OVER IT.

I know this is MUCH easier said than done.. trust me.. I’ve been there for YEARS, but after all of those years of hating my body.. I was just FED up with it all.

It took me a longt ime to realize that my body is my body and it is not going to change.

Yes, you are probably thinking.. ‘well I can change my body- its all about diet and exercise”.. yes, you definitely can to an extent, but this post is for the people who have either been overweight or underweight and have been down that road where they are aspiring to look a certain way and still haven’t been happy in their own skin.

For the longest time I would see an image like this and think, “okay, I want to look like that.”

So I would diet and exercise.. binge and purge… all of the above and what did I end up like?

I was essentially just skin on top of my SAME bone structure.. my SAME body shape just minus my muscles and soon to lose my organs (sorry this is graphic)…. I never ended up looking like the above picture because a) my bone structure is COMPLETELY different… I dont have a narrow waist and wide hips.. I am not 5 foot 10 and I do not have a long torso.. I just don’t and I won’t ever because when I tried to get that my body ate my muscles and I looked sick.

So basically… when I was extremely underweight- I STILL didn’t look like how I thought I would could look like.. why? because my body isn’t made that way. It won’t look like that at a healthy weight, it won’t look like that at an unhealthy weight… I just won’t ever look like that.. I can’t change the placement of my bone structure and I cannot change my height. I had to give it up.. and realize that it was physically NOT possible for me to look that way. 

Now, there is a fine line here– yeah, people who are overweight and lose weight will look smaller and they will argue that their body changed.. which on the outside, it did because they lost all the excess, but they still have the same bones and organs holding them in place. It is not like they completely rearragned their bones and body structure so they go from having an ‘apple shape’ to a ‘pear shape’ or a ‘banana shape’ or a ‘strawberry shape’ (totally making these up by the way).

Moral of the post is… you NEED to get over this idea that you will look like your favorite pop star or that you will achieve the ‘look’ you want. Sure, there is such a thing as body recompositions etc.. but you can only change things to an extent… You must realize that you are you- you are made that way and there isn’t anything you can do about that.

Once I ‘got over it’, my outlook and mindset in regards to body image completely changed. I felt free- I realized I needed to just accept it and move on. You may read this post and think ‘well, I don’t want to get over it because I know I can change’ and if you do… I’m sure you’re going to just come right back to where you started because that’s what I sure did… I hope instead you read this and really let it sink in… think about it and truly consider accepting your body once and for all.




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