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6 Ways to Eat More Raw Egg Yolks

Posted May 10 2013 12:00am

I love eggs.

That gorgeous, golden egg in the picture came from one of my hens... that is what a healthy egg should look like!

How many of you remember the scene from the movie "Rocky" where he drinks chugs down that large glass of raw eggs as part of his workout program?

Can you do that?

I can't do that! I would most likely end up gagging, choking and spewing it all over the place!

BUT I have other ways taking in my raw egg yolks without having to plug up my nose and chug it down... I can even enjoy it!

I think most of us already know the amazing benefits of eating raw egg yolks, but for those who are new in this area and would like to know... let me share a little bit.

The Amazing Yolk
Beautiful, golden egg yolks are the ace of spades for overall health. They are excellent for people of all ages, especially growing children and one of the 7 super foods for pregnant mamas .

According to research, egg yolks would resolve most common nutrient deficiencies and they are the complete meal full of excellent protein, fats, vitamins, omega-3s and more ... all packaged conveniently in their cute little shells.

Yes, it is also rich in cholesterol, but not the kind that contributes to heart disease. It’s the exact opposite, it is actually good for your heart... and brain!

Egg yolks supplies cholesterol needed for mental development and important sulphur-contained amino acids... that is vital for you and your family!

Eggs from hens raised on pasture, flax meal and insects are also rich in the omega-3 fatty acids found in mama's milk but is often lacking in cow's milk. These fatty acids are so important for brain development.

But that depends on what kind of eggs you eat...

Healthy Chickens, Healthy Eggs
The best eggs you can buy are directly from local farmers where healthy chickens are given the freedom to roam in open pastures or gardens where they can naturally eat all the grass, seeds, bugs, worms, grubs and veggies to their hearts’ delight.
These eggs will have a richer flavor (yolks are almost buttery-like) and higher in vitamins & antioxidants.
Eggs from factory-farmed chickens who are fed only processed grain feed laced with antibiotics are not as nutritious and not recommend to eat raw. These unhealthy chickens never get to feel the sun on their backs or taste fresh greens/bugs... if you were kept from enjoy those two vital things, wouldn't you be sick too?
It is amazing to see such a difference between a healthy, free-range egg yolk (firm, golden orange, well-rounded and rich in flavor) and factory-farmed egg yolk (soft/easily breaks, yellow, flat and lacks flavor). The brilliant orange color in the yolk comes from the chicken's diet of fresh greens, bugs and lots of sun!

One more thing, I do not recommend buying organic eggs from the store... unless it comes from a local source. The yolks are almost always light yellow because they don’t really get to free-ranged on pasture like the label says! Better to spend that money on either raising your own backyard chickens or buying some from a local farmer.

Eating Yolks for Fertility and Pregnancy When I was pregnant with my 2nd, 3rd and 4th babies... I ate egg yolks all the time. Everyday.
I didn't improve my health & eating habits until after I was already pregnant with my 1st baby, but better late than never! I seriously wish I knew what I know now before I was pregnant with my first baby. Thankfully, over all, it was a good pregnancy and the birth was amazing.

Yeah, I know I still need to share my stories!
Anyway, there are some FANTASTIC resources on sale right now...  the Natural Fertility eBook Bundle  and this is what I should've had before getting pregnant!
For only $1.20 a book... this is something that every woman should have before conceiving or have already conceived. It is a wealth of encouragement and information on everything from simple cleansing to dealing with infertility naturally to eating the right foods for conception and pregnancy.
Check out the bundle ... there's only 4 days left to get one!

The 5 Ways... So, you might as well toss out your bottle of multivitamin and eat a few egg yolks a day to cover most, if not all, of what you get in a small pill!

Wondering how to accomplish that? Let me share some easy ways you can eat your raw egg yolks and actually enjoy it!

With Honey...

{ Raw Egg Yolk with Honey } My friend, Diana, from My Humble Kitchen shares a simple, nourishing snack (dessert, even!) that she grew up on. I've tried this with my kids, but they won't take it... maybe because the honey we buy isn't a strong, yummy honey like I know Diana's honey is.

My kids' first food, when they were babies, were soft boiled egg yolks... sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt. Talk about a GREAT super first food to give to your baby! 

In Smoothies...
{ Rise & Shine Breakfast Smoothie } The most popular way to consume egg yolks is in a smoothie. I usually like to throw in my egg yolks after I've blended up the fruit & kefir and give it a couple whirls. This is one of my favorite ways to 'hide' yolks... my kids love 'em! So yummy!

In Porridge...

{ Soaked Oatmeal } I came up with this idea a few years back when I was trying to get my family to eat more egg yolks. My kids did really well with eating it, but with LOTS of honey and fruit. Very simple and great way to balance the protein and carbs! You can use any kind of porridge - oatmeal, millet, wheat berries, etc... whatever suits you.

In Ice Cream...

{ Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Ice Cream } I always think ice cream tastes better with egg yolks. Richer. Creamier. Dense. But that's my opinion. Of course, my family loves ice cream and my kids always make sure I throw in some yolks! You will find lots of recipes in my ebook, Just Making Ice Cream , that calls for egg yolks. Of course, for those who can't have eggs... simply omit it! It will still be yummy and nourishing with all that milk!

In Drinks...

{Eggnog} This classic holiday drink should be drunk year round! It is so simple to make and there really isn't one recipe... everybody has their own way of making eggnog. Me, I whipped up some this morning! All I did was fill a glass with fresh milk, drop in a couple egg yolks and sweetened it with vanilla creme stevia (you can use any sweetener you want!). Then I took a small whisk and mix it all together. Then I usually like to sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg on top. This is my oldest girl's favorite treat, especially before bed  :)

In Mayo...

{Homemade Mayonnaise} Finally... homemade mayo using only 5 ingredients and SO yummy with almost anything. We love it on our salads, scrambled eggs and fried potatoes. I always have to make a double batch and it never lasts for more than 4 days with my family! I often have to be the mayo police because I'm the one who has to make it  :)

Well, that's my 6 ways of enjoying raw egg yolks!

What about you? Which ones are you favorites? Am I missing any other ways? 

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