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6 Reasons Why We Still Need Cursive Writing

Posted Mar 31 2013 5:44pm
on by healthymama

I know that the next generation will live on computers and typing skills will be a lot more important than writing skills. I am still one of those people who thinks cursive writing to be a mandatory skill to learn. Here is why:

*A beautiful hand-written note still has its value in business and in personal communication.

* Since there is no need to pick the pencil up between letters, cursive writing is typically faster than printing.

*Handwriting is also very useful for situations where  the Ipad or the laptop isn’t handy. Why not have beautiful handwriting?

*Students with learning disabilities often find cursive writing to be easier to master than printing or typing.

*Since the letters in cursive penmanship are joined together, kids are less likely to confuse the letter “b” with the letter “d” when reading cursive.

*With typing, the fingers make repetitive movements rather than connect shapes. Typing doesn’t help the brain develop as much as writing in cursive does.


For our first cursive writing practices, we work with Montessori double letter set .

We put one letter pair in front of us and using our finger, recreate the letter pair on sand.

Then, we use these f ree cursive writing sheets .

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