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5 Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Posted Aug 15 2013 10:13pm
For the average person, breakfast typically consists of something along the lines of eggs & bacon, cereal and milk, or maybe a donut/muffin from the bakery on a really hectic day.  But for someone who is trying to stick to the VB6 plan of eating, all 3 of those options are totally out of the question. VB6, after all, means no animal products, no processed food, no sugar and only whole grains from wake-up time to dinner time.

Since launching my own experimentation with VB6 (which, by the way, has been rather successful: I’ve gotten closer to my goal weight than I have in a year!), I quickly found that it was easy to get into a vegetarian groove for breakfast. I had worried that it might not be filling enough to last me until lunch time, but most days, I don’t even have a faint hunger pang until after the clock informs me it’s lunch time. (I also should note that I do consume some probiotic grass-fed dairy products during the day because I believe their nutritional benefits are worth it.)

My favorite vegan (or vegetarian) breakfast options are:

Vegan smoothie options galore exist! If you’re really wanting to avoid the animal products completely, almost all smoothie recipes can be made vegan with a simple swap of non-dairy products for any dairy.

Some of my favorite smoothies are:

  • Orange Cream Smoothie: 1 banana, 1 orange or 2 clementines (peeled and seeded), 1/2 cup or so of any dairy or non-dairy probiotic product (yogurt, kefir), a splash of vanilla
  • Raspberry-Almond Smoothie (I just use my homemade yogurt or kefir.)

Now, I’m of the opinion that toast is mostly a vehicle for butter. I love me a slice of toast dripping with melted butter… mmmm! Delicious! However, I don’t currently have cultured butter, so that’s not part of my VB6 plan. Instead, I spread some coconut oil on my toast (made with my Super Simple Sourdough Bread ), and surprisingly, it gives me the same satisfaction as butter. I also love to spread a little homemade almond butter on my toast.

Once again, the options are endless: there is no reason to be bored when you have such versatile menu items available! Here’s some fresh new oatmeal inspiration for you:

the easiest breakfast you'll ever make

I *love* muesli, and so do The Boys.  The base is the same every time: oats and yogurt. But I just top it with whatever fruits (dried or fresh, doesn’t matter!) and nuts or seeds I have on hand. For a special treat, The Boys like a few chocolate chips sprinkled on top…. and I admit… so do I! Here’s my Better-Than-Oatmeal Muesli recipe to get you started in the right direction.

These Vegan Oat Muffins , which happen to be one of the most popular recipes on the blog, whip up quickly and can be transformed into just about anything you want with some simple ingredient swaps or additions. I like to make a batch whenever I have the time, and freeze the extras for a super-fast breakfast on the go.

Since I allow myself to eat the occasional egg during the day even on VB6 (once again, I feel it’s nutritionally worth it), I don’t bother to veganize my favorite pancake recipes unless I’m low on eggs or some other reason. But since I made vegan pancakes for quite a few years, due to My Certain Little Someone’s egg and dairy allergies, I am no stranger to the concept! In fact, there are a few recipes I got used to during his allergic days that I still make pretty regularly, and one of them is the oatmeal pancake recipe I used in this recipe for Pancake Apples . With or without the apples, it’s a delicious pancake everyone will love, no matter the diet! But I have to admit my most favorite pancake recipe is this one: The Best Pancakes ., 5 eBooks for $7.40!

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