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5 Reasons Why I Love My New (Used) Bike!

Posted Oct 06 2012 8:15pm
5 Reasons Why I Love My New (Used) Bike!

I finally had the time to look for a decent bike I could use to commute around my lovely city of Chicago.  After a couple of test rides, I decided on a used Trek hybrid that was in pretty good condition. Now, I love to bike around whenever I get a chance (although dealing with crazy car drivers is no joke). Below I have listed 5 reasons why biking is 1. No more waiting for pesky public transportation! Yes, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) public transit bus and train tracker is…helpful, but I usually end up waiting anywhere between five and twenty minutes for buses. That's time I could use doing more important things! 2. What gym membership? If I’m biking around town every day, then what’s the purpose of paying for exercise I am already getting? Biking, without a doubt, contributes to a ! traffic bike   3. Sometimes, it really is faster than driving. During traffic jams or busy intersections (quite common in Chicago), I usually end up at my destination a lot earlier than I would had I decided to drive. And parking is a lot easier as well! 4. Cheaper than buying a car.  And paying for gas. And insurance. 5. Ride Green!  The most IMPORTANT of them all–the environmental impact of riding a bike is significantly less than driving, as well as less than using public transportation. No gas fumes, no pollution, no extensive manufacturing process…need I need say more? Helpful Links: Ride the City - A great tool for planning your bike route in the city. See you on the bike path.  :)

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