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4 Reasons Why I LOVE the Breville® Smart Scoop™ Compressor Ice Cream Maker {plus, $399 value GIVEAWAY!}

Posted Aug 05 2013 12:00am

To say that I'm super excited about my new ice cream maker and to be able to giveaway one doesn't even come close to expressing the level of excitement I'm sharing with you today.

About 3 months ago, the fabulous people at Breville send me (via to my parents' house) a brand new  Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Compressor  Ice Cream Maker!

About 1 1/2 months ago, my parents brought the machine to my house in Honduras and just finally seeing the package on my kitchen floor was enough to make me squeal with delight. 

Yes, I have awesome parents who are willing to bring anything possible onto the airplane to bring down to us... even a heavy ice cream machine! Thanks guys!

I would have shared with you all about this ice cream maker sooner if I had the time. I had originally planned to share this about mid-July, but the month has come and gone!

We've been very busy the last several weeks with large mission teams and now wrapping up our year before heading to the states for our 2 month stay. Whew!

But I always like to say... better late than never.

So, if you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I have clearly established my obsession love for homemade ice cream ( even wrote an ice cream book! ) and owning an ice cream compressor has been on my wish list for a loooong time.

To be honest, I had never heard of Breville until I was put in touch with the company on the possibility of reviewing their updated version of the  Smart Scoop . Even when I was doing  research on the different ice cream makers in the market for my ice cream ebook... the Breville Smart Scoop never popped up on my google radar!

But now this beautiful machine is sitting in my kitchen and I am so in love with it! This is truly the ultimate ice cream maker and after playing around with it for a few weeks, it has earned a place of honor on my kitchen counter.

Since this baby arrived, I've made several batches of ice cream. Even made 3 different flavors of ice cream in one day!

Did I say that I love this machine?!

When I first researched ice cream compressors, I really expected to be impressed if I ever got my hands on one. After testing  the  Smart Scoop  with different kinds of ice cream, gelato and sorbet, I can honestly tell you that this machine is awesome and is easy to use!

The 4 reasons why I really LOVE this Smart Scoop:

This machine is truly a smart one. You can choose from 12 settings... from super soft serve ice cream to extra firm. At the highest level, the ice cream is totally scoopable straight out of the machine!

I'm in ice cream heaven.

Instead of making ice cream and then putting it in the freezer and waiting hours to let it firm up enough to scoop, you can serve it straight from the machine! In less than an hour, the ice cream maker produces ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet in the consistency of your choosing.

Here's a bonus, you can churn ice cream firm enough to make ice cream sandwiches straight out of the machine!

This baby automatically senses the hardness of the mixture and keeps it ready until serving time. It will keep churning the ice cream just enough to maintain the perfect consistency for up to 3 hours after it has finished. Sweet!

You want soft gelato? You got it. Want firm ice cream? Coming right up!

There is no bowl to freeze. No ice or rock salt required. Everything you need is contained in the machine itself.

When you are ready to make ice cream, you just pour the prepared mixture into the container, set your desired hardness and press start! No planning in advance. No 24 hour chill time for the bowl.

It is now extremely, dangerously easy to make ice cream at home.

In case you haven't already figured out my final reason... because there is no need to freeze and re-freeze the bowl, you can make batch after batch after batch and so on.

Think about it, you can make enough ice cream to feed a crowd in just a few hours!

I really am in ice cream heaven!

The Giveaway!
When I was first put in touch with Breville , I told them I wanted to giveaway one of these machines to one of my readers if the machine met my expectations and won my approval.

Breville immediately agreed.

This awesome machine has surpasses my expectations and now there will be a lucky winner receiving a  Breville Smart Scoop  shortly after the giveaway closes... thanks to Breville!! (This a prize worth $399.99!)

To win this baby, go through the boxes in the Rafflecoper for entries in order to be entered to win and increase your chances of winning!

PLEASE don't try to cheat. If you get caught... ALL your entries will be removed.

Please use these following banners on your facebook and pinterest to promote the giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

IMPORTANT: I will announce the winner on Facebook! Make sure you check the Just Making Noise Facebook page regularly to claim the machine if you are the winner. If the first winner doesn't claim the machine within 48 hours, then I will choose a second winner and so on.

Disclosure: I did not receive a compensation for this review and giveaway. Both my machine and the machine given away were provided by Breville . All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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