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28 Day Real Food Challenge: Week 1 Evaluation

Posted Feb 09 2010 12:00am
Joining this challenge has been wonderful. I’ve been telling myself to improve the way I eat and to incorporate nourishing practices for quite a long time now. But all I did was procrastinate until I joined this challenge.

Although I did some of the soaking and the sprouting before, I was never consistent with it. But these conscious practices are now becoming a part of my subconscious mind. Day 7 is to evaluate week one's agenda.

I love day 1 because I feel cleaner after getting rid of the things that shouldn’t belong in the kitchen except for some items that doesn’t belong to me. Day 2 was even better. After getting rid of the old one, it’s time to replace it with something new, whole and real.

Day 3 was put to the test. I always forget to soak my grains and now I remember them every day and the best part is my digestion has slightly improved in just a few days. Day 4 is really a challenge. I started late as I didn’t purchase any whole grain flour which I only bought last Sunday. I wanted to do a combination of rye and spelt but I could only find whole wheat flour. And with not much experience in doing a sourdough starter, I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing. But experience is the best teacher so I’ll just go with the flow. Day 5 is also a challenge because I also forget that I have some grains sprouting and if I don’t wash them during the day, the grains impart a strange aroma. I have to skip day 6 as I don’t have any dehydrator and grain mill at the moment but it would be worth to give it a try next time.

So far this challenge has kept me busy not only with the assignment but also with the reading and the learning. I want to learn more and to learn more is to actually do them. I’m looking forward for the other challenges this coming week.

If you're doing this challenge, check the list below for week two's assignment from Jenny at Nourished Kitchen.

Day #7 Check List:

Last-minute shopping ideas: This week we'll focus on nuts, seeds and legumes, wholesome fats, baking sourdough bread and celebrating raw milk. You'll also need to feed your family wholesome, real food so here's a quick shopping list of items you may wish to pick up. You don't need to pick up everything, but, when you shop this week, you'll have the opportunity to pick up a few items that suit your budget and personal tastes.
  • Wholesome fats: Unrefined Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pastured Lard, Grass-fed Beef Tallow, Butter, Ghee, Coconut Oil
  • Whole Grains: Organic whole spelt, white wheat, hard red wheat, rye, rice, quinoa, buckwheat and whole grain flours.
  • Nuts, Seeds and Legumes: Dry beans and lentils, raw almonds, pecans, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, blanched almond flour and coconut flour.
  • Meats, Fish & Fowl: Beef, bison, chicken, pork, duck, eggs, salmon, shellfish (all wild-caught, grass-fed or pasture-raised)
  • Fresh Vegetables & Fruit: Any fresh or unsulphured dried fruit or vegetable with special emphasis on greens, berries and other plant foods dense in phytonutrients (preferably organic and local)
  • Dairy: Whole milk, cream, butter, yogurt, kefir (preferably grass-fed and raw, definitely not ultrapasteurized)
  • Sweets: If consuming sweets in this challenge, keep it to raw honey, molasses, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, whole unrefined cane juice, sorghum syrup
  • Salts, Seasonings: Unrefined sea salts, organic single herbs ad spices (as opposed to spice mixes which can contain additives)
To join this challenge at your own pace, check the Real Food Challenge at the Nourished Kitchen.

Love and light,

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