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20 Things

Posted Feb 19 2011 4:28pm

Just for fun – 20 random things about me!

1. I’ve donated to Locks of Love 3 times.

2.  I broke my right arm when I was 5 and my left arm when I was 10. So, my mom joked that I was going to break something at age 15 – every 5 years, but I didn’t! :)

3. I really love the 90s and think it was one of the coolest decades ever.  Funny clothing, awesome music and great movies. Most people disagree.

4. I kind of really like butterflies and I have a butterfly tattoo.

5. If I could live in Europe (and get a job there), I would in a second without any hesitation.

6. I’m constantly restless – planning the next trip or next adventure. Never content, never complacent. It drives my husband crazy but that’s how I have always been.

7. I people watch. A lot. Seriously you guys, it’s a problem.  You could pretty much stop me at any moment, of any day, and ask me about all the people in my peripheral vision, and I’d be able to tell you what they were doing, who they were talking to, or what they were eating… I’m super creepy like this. :)

8. I’m pretty fascinated with death and murder stories. I love Dateline, 20/20, 48 hours. I think it’s interesting to see what drives people to kill.

9. As I get older, I am loving who I am more and more.

10. I almost died on a kayaking trip to the Florida Keys. We were kayaking and got lost. The sun was setting and the ocean was getting very wavy. We had to call for help and we were saved by a boat passing by.

11. I almost died on a trip to Germany with my brother. We were young and naive and met up with a guy my brother met on the internet. All I have to say is the story involves knifes, prison stories, Jack Daniels and a broken down car on the autobahn.

12. I’m a curious mixture of introverted and extroverted.

13. My husband and I met at a wedding. I came with a date and didn’t have that same date at the end of the night.

14. I believe there are no coincidences.

15. I’m Irish and German mainly. I have some Scottish in there too.

16. My favorite place in the world is Costa Rica.

17. I wash my hair once a week.

18. I’m rarely late and I hate people who are late.

19. Sometimes I think I should have been born in the 60′s.

20. Music is my salvation.

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