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10 Ways To Boost Immunity And Not Catch A Flu

Posted Jan 17 2013 3:21pm
on by healthymama

Flu season is everywhere and flu shots are only 60% effective. There is no way around it: we need to make sure our families’ immunity is at its peak. If your immune system is strong, you would recover quickly- even if you do end up catching the flu. Here’s how to naturally boost immunity and not catch a flu:

1. Eat healthy. Sugar greatly decreases immunity and processed food is loaded with sugar. to keep your immunity in great shape, eat real food, not artificial processed junk.

2. Take Vitamin D3. This is the most vital nutrient to fight off the flu and have your immune system function at its optimal level. There are few nutritional sources of this vitamin and even sunshine exposure cannot always generate it, so supplementing it is a must.  I  highly recommend Xymogen’s liquid D3 due to the purity of its formula. Also, it’s easier to give to kids, because there is no pills for them to swallow.

3. Do a daily neti pot. Ceramic or plastic,   neti pot is a must if you want to keep your nose bacteria-free. Considering the fact that most viruses start in the nose, neti pot is a great virus fighter. Use cooled-down boiled water and a pinch of sea salt. Pour this liquid into one nostril, as you tilt your head towards the opposite nostril. Your goal is for the liquid to come out of the other nostril. There are many youtube videos and pictures, explaining this easy process. The links to products I post here are the links to my amazon store. You supporting it means a lot to me: it means I can keep on doing what I am doing.

4. Take a daily probiotic pill or eat a diet, rich in nine natural probiotic foods.  Probiotics are proven immunity boosters and naturally we usually don’t have enough of them to fight off a virus. So, during the flu season, I take  a probiotic pill daily.

5. Exercise daily. A study of 1,000 people found that staying active nearly halved the odds of catching cold viruses and, failing that, made the infection less severe. This could be because exercise helps bolster the immune system to fight off bugs. You don’t need a lot of exercise to keep viruses at bay: merely staying active daily already has a protective effect.


6. Eat your greens. Full of flu-fighting phytonutrients, green smoothies and salads enhance your immunity with every sip and every bite.

7. Eat garlic. Proven to fight off viruses, this grandma’s favorite medicine still works today. During the flu season, consider garlic pills, or make some roasted garlic . My kids get “garlic candy”- crushed garlic cloves mixed with raw honey. If you add enough honey, they’d like it.

8. Take natural supplements for immunity. Elderberry extract, olive leaf extract , grapefruit seed extract are all natural anti-viral agents. Sambucus syrup made with elderberries  is loved by adults and kids alike.

9. At the first sign of a flu, take homeopathic flu pills . They shorten the duration of the virus and may fight it off completely.

10. Drink Cold Season Tea daily. It tastes great, even the kids enjoy it with honey. The herbal formula of this tea is incredible: it usually keeps viruses at bay and shortens the duration of a sickness. Simply grating some fresh ginger into your mug of boiling water and adding some honey is a simpler substitute.

Read Natural Cold Remedies , too.

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