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Hi, my name is Lea. My blog Healthy Coconut is about eating healthy and staying fit while life happens. Believer in eating in moderation. I am nearly wed, soon to be bride
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{recipe} coconut banana bundt cake

I bake because I love it. Dare I say that I love baking slightly more than the finished product? I just love the process. But I also bake...

{currrently} – hers & baby H

I loved documenting my life (hello blog!) and what prevents me from doing it more often is the time it takes to do it. I’m always finding ways...

{working out} – pure barre

As a new mom, my philosophy on fitness has changed, it is much less about a workout, and  much more about a  lifestyle. I want to feel strong...

{toddler meals}– Baby H at 15 months

I get a lot of comments that my little man is a good eater. We are now on our second day care facility and both teachers from the schools have...

{side dish} – zucchini & carrots

As the weather heats up, my time in the kitchen is becoming less and less.  I try to make Sunday the designated cooking day, which means, it’s...

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