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OIG Publishes Fraud Alert on Physician Lab Arrangements by Todd R. Patient Expert Physician ancillary service joint ventures continue to proliferate and not surprisingly, federal and state regulators are on the lookout for arrangements which may violate ... Read on »
Unintended Consequences of FDA Regulations by Dr. Paul Hsieh Medical Doctor Eye surgeon Dr. Brian C. Joondeph described a crazy "unintended consequence" of FDA rules designed to "protect" patients. Here's an extended excerpt from his blog post I ... Read on »
Senate Appropriations Committee Draft Lanaguage - what does "Block" mean? by Dr. Mark Frisse Medical Doctor The eHealth Initiative provided a link to Senate Appropriations Committee draft language . Buried within the voluminous documents are some suggested ONC appropriations. Also ... Read on »
There’s no business like the healthcare business, like no business I know by Dr. Bill Crounse Medical Doctor Irving Berlin eat your heart out. There’s no business like the healthcare business or so it seems from a recently published info-graphic in the Wall Street Journal. Where ar ... Read on »
ONC Launches Challenge to Improve Blood Pressure Control Using Health IT by Juno Medical Doctor Heart disease and stroke are two of the leading causes of death in the United States. To combat these threats, the Department of Health and Human Services (co-led by Cente ... Read on »
So you think you can multi-task by Paul L. Healthy Living Professional A friend of mine was excitedly discussing her job with a high-tech firm.  "Our meetings are so great and vibrant.  While the sessions are going on, we are all on our compu ... Read on »
Observing observation status by Paul L. Healthy Living Professional Brad Flansbaum offers this interesting post about the ambiguities and uncertainties inherent in the current Medicare "two-midnight rule."  He refers to a recent white pape ... Read on »
The Power of an Informed Second Opinion by Dan Dunlop Patient Expert My sister Kerry has been undergoing treatment for Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer for the last several years. She has done remarkably well (multiple rounds of chemo and multiple surg ... Read on »
Fire! by Paul L. Healthy Living Professional Earlier this month, Modern Healthcare published a story about the slow movement by hospitals to prevent operating room fires. An excerpt Despite a slew of news accoun ... Read on »
How did Medicare pay for chemotherapy pre-2006? by Jason S. Patient Expert A working paper by Jacobson et al. (2014) not only provides the answer, but describes how reimbursement policy change over the past decade. Although Medicare did ... Read on »