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ZocDoc Opens for Business in Los Angeles To Include Covering the OC-Find Doctors and Make Online Doctor Appointments for Free

Posted Feb 16 2011 2:56pm

Once I saw the announcement, and being I live in the OC, time to go check it out and so far I like what I see.  The format is easy enough to use and the profiles of the image doctors are included.  I originally posted about the service back in 2010 when they made their debut in New York.  The technology is built around SQL Server and Dot net.  The service is free for patients and doctors pay a small monthly fee to be listed. 

Being the hands on person I try to be as much as I can I did a search and did some poking around.  The one item that is great is that the doctors create their own profiles!  Nice!  Read down further and I’ll tell you why this is important. 


Here’s what my zip code looks like and I just did a simple search for a primary care MD in my area.  There are doctors in Los Angeles and in Orange County.


One item to note is that the doctors are listed here because they want to be and in turn they are seeing value with getting appointments made to see patients.  Participatory Appointments and doctor enrollment with value, I like this and for those of you who are not in one of their areas you’ll still have to put up with one of those “other” services with flaws that run doctors up the flag pole and have MDs associated with hospitals where they have never set foot, dead doctors and so on.  You can read a summary of some of my past articles on how “the other guys” work at the link below and again, when ZocDoc comes around take a look at again we have participatory membership and consumer information here, along with value.  ZocDoc is not trying to rate the doctors either, just get you connected so you can go see one! 

Those other services want the doctors to work on log on and correct what they create as a profile with no value for them and somewhat blame the doctors and health boards for their errors, this is much better as dead doctors don’t create profiles and don’t want appointments. 

Also of interest, I posted yesterday about some hospitals in southern California allowing appointments for up to 2 hours in advance at the ER room and this could be a helpful resource too.  BD

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