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Zinc Zipper' Plays Key Role In Hospital-Acquired Infections - MRSA

Posted Dec 06 2008 5:35pm

What is interesting is that the FDA has approved IV injections only for those who have radio isotope poisoning, perhaps from isotopes used in nuclear medicine an diagnostics, but if the process of removing zinc can help in the prevention of MRSA with coating devices in the future, this could be one big boost on the war with hospital acquired infections.  BD 

"We've shown that if you remove the zinc, you prevent the biofilm from forming, and if you add zinc back, the biofilm can grow," says Herr. "So we're hopeful that we can use this sort of approach to prevent these biofilms from ever taking hold in the first place." The most practical applications, Herr says, might involve coatings for implanted medical devices, or rinses that a surgeon could use to clear the area around the implant.

Systemic removal of zinc, such as through an intravenous injection, is impractical for now because DTPA is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration only for people with radio isotope poisoning. In addition, zinc is known to activate immune cells and play many other important roles in the body, so a proper balance would need to be developed.

Zinc Zipper' Plays Key Role In Hospital-Acquired Infections

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