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Zeo's Personal Sleep Coach – A Device you Snuggle up with to help Understand Your Sleep Patterns

Posted Jun 11 2009 6:36pm

This is a new interesting device that will report on your sleep.  The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach collects the data and it can be uploaded to a PC for the full report by connecting to the website.  We have all been focused on how much exercise we get, our blood pressure and basically what we do while we are not sleeping, well now we have that too.  As the video states, this is not a replacement for advice from your doctor, but if you felt you had issues it’s your choice to use the device and the coach.  You get some free time, then afterwards you begin a subscription with the sleeping coaches so there are additional charges beyond buying the device for $399.00.  It appears wireless too so no cords to tangle up in. 

My problem with sleep though appears to be absorbing all this information we have today, so I wonder if more information on how I don’t sleep is going to help me sleep when I think about all of this when I try to go to sleep (grin).  I’m still just a human last time I looked, and I just want to sleep period and not worry about it, until the point where it was seriously lacking.   I am interested though in what goes on when I’m awake.   Those are my own feelings and others may have a different opinion too, so perhaps this device stands to offer information that others would consider valuable.   So many devices, so many choices!    This too could stand to offer information for a personal health record as well.  BD 



We've seen a few devices that claim to cure insomnia with expensive lights and magnetic headgear, but if you're serious about getting some sleep you should definitely check out Zeo's Personal Sleep Coach. At night a SoftWave sensor-equipped headband collects data pertaining to your sleep habits (or lack of), which you can then parse on your PC (via SD card). It's like having a University sleep clinic right there in your flop house! And if that isn't enough, the device's SmartWake alarm clock can be set to get you out of bed at your "natural awakening point," decreasing the grogginess one feels when waking from Deep sleep.

Zeo's Personal Sleep Coach makes money from your insomnia

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