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Zeltiq™ System That Sucks, Freezes And Eventually Kills the Fat Cells In Your Body – Non-invasive Procedure

Posted Feb 04 2010 3:04pm

Oh the many new ways there are to rid ourselves of fat!  This is a new processapproved by the FDA,  but not for fat removal.  In other countries is had approvalbut here in the US it is limited to treatment of pain relative to dermatology type procedures.  I guess the key here is to have some painget treated imageand lose some fact accidentally?  The process freezes fat cells and the results are not immediate as after they have been frozenthey die a slow deathin other words when the fat cells accumulate and many of them dieyou get thinner!  I do have to say this is a very interesting process.

Plastic surgeons are already using it in several areas and you watch the video and see how the noninvasive procedure works.  Just sit backattach the machineread a book and let it suck.  The cost though is not cheap and it is so new there are not really enough results to say yes or no other than a few doctors who have used the machine for a while.  The other well known approach is surgery with other techniques so if the fat sucker works outthere may be fewer opting for surgery.  It appears you have to be somewhat normal in weightin other words not be extremely obese with for the product to workeither that or have one semi-permanently attached I guess?  Anywayinteresting new product and concept here for getting rid of fat.  BD   

 Zeltiq (pronounced Zel ′teek) Aestheticsfounded in 2005is a science-based medical device company dedicated to the development of non-invasive procedures for the reduction of unwanted fat tissue. The Zeltiq approach utilizes a patented method called Cryolipolysis™ (the use of precisely controlled cooling to remove fat) that is designed to target only fat cells and not harm the skin or other tissue.

The Zeltiq Procedure for non-invasive fat layer reduction is available in Canadathe European Union and other international markets. The Zeltiq device is cleared by the FDA in the United States for various applications related to skin cooling during dermatologic treatmentswith a pending application for non-invasive fat layer reduction.

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