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You Can Never Make The Obvious, Obvious Enough!

Posted Jan 05 2013 9:50pm
Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE


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  I have told my story about how to “Repair The Healthcare System.” I have also pointed out the gigantic mistakes President Obama is making trying to repair the dysfunctional healthcare system.

Let us assume President Obama’s goal is to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to all.

My plan has the same goal.

President Obama’s approach is to make all the stakeholders dependent on government largess.

My approach is to have the government create rules and regulations that does not let one stakeholder take advantage of another stakeholder.

The most important stakeholder is the consumer (patient). Rules must be created in favor of the consumer. Consumers must be empowered to drive the healthcare system.

Consumers must be encouraged to be responsible for their own care, be educated to make decisions about their care and be responsible for their own healthcare dollars.

Since government started controlling the healthcare system in 1965 the healthcare system has become more and more distorted and expensive.

Many secondary stakeholders have been created. Each secondary stakeholder has figured out how to take advantage of the healthcare system and get around the regulations.  

The government has devised, with good intentions, new regulations to counter adjustments made by all secondary stakeholders in order to decrease the escalating cost of care.

The result has been a further increase in the cost of care with further adjustments by secondary stakeholders.

Patients have not been the beneficiaries of these escalating costs. The healthcare insurance industry and its administrators have been the primary beneficiaries of these adjustments.

Hospital systems and hospital administrators have been close a close second.

The pharmaceutical industry has been close behind.

Physician reimbursement has decreased per unit of care.

The primary stakeholders, consumers (patients), have benefited the least.  

Both physicians and consumers feel powerless. The government has consistently written regulations that make both of those primary stakeholders powerless.

Physicians are trying to adjust.

Consumers don’t have a clue about how to adjust.

Hospital systems seem pretty smug to me. They think they have figured out how to adjust and take advantage of Obamacare.

The healthcare insurance industry figures they “gotcha” because of the government’s dependence on the healthcare industry for administrative services.

President Obama figures that by the government controlling the entire healthcare system he can make it better and affordable.

As far as I can tell the government has not proven it can achieve these goals in any area of our economy.

To me it is obvious that the cost of healthcare will not be reduced, medical care will not be available to all, and access to care will have to be restricted.

No matter how much money the government prints it will not cover the escalating costs.

A reader wrote: 


As you know I consider you a friend and love you and your energy and spirit.

Although I have always enjoyed reading your blog, I wonder what your ultimate goal is at this time.

I imagine it's to educate and hopefully influence others.

Unfortunately I feel the message has become repetitive and might, at this time be falling on death ears.

I'm not sure what to advise to give you.

I merely suggest you consider this.

I suggest perhaps you try a different approach.

Perhaps cartoons or interviews, etc.. 


S. M.D..”


I replied:

“I am sure my explanations of causes and my solutions for the dysfunctional healthcare system are falling on deaf ears.

Most consumers have given up trying to understand the solutions. However the solutions are dependent on consumers’ understanding and demands.

President Obama wants consumers to give up and depend on him. 

Most consumers like you, a physician, are trying to figure out how to adjust to the dysfunctional system. Your goal is to learn to take advantage of the coming draconian changes in the healthcare system.

These adjustments will simply create greater dysfunction in the healthcare system. The dysfunction will lead to greater pain for all.

If all the stakeholders think they have figured out how to take advantage of the coming changes in the healthcare system they will not pay attention to what I am saying.   

The biggest losers are consumers. All the other stakeholders will ultimately lose.  

The healthcare system is going to get so bad and so expensive that something positive will have to be done.

Someone has to be available with a solution. The solution is common sense.

Hang in there with me. I have been here before. The critical turn is going to be swift after a lot of bad things happen.

I have no interest in giving up.


P.S. You can never make the obvious, obvious enough but you should never keep trying.  

  The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

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