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You Can Buy the H1N1 Swine Flu And Other Viruses – The Plush Versions You Can Hug

Posted Sep 07 2009 10:20pm

Things have changed so much since I was a child, what happened to nice little stuffed doggies, cats, dolls, etc.  Well it appears now the trend is to image hug a virus.  Is this the new way of creating an awareness?  Could be I guess.  Recently I had posted about the Toy Uterus from another company being recalled though as the ovaries could cause a child to choke if they were pulled from the toy.  The recall only affects those bought in the year 2008 it appears so if you have one from 2009 it appears you are ok. 

The CDC even sells the toy at their gift shop too.  In addition to H1N1, there’s a a few more viruses for sale too.  Giant Microbes is the company that created and sells the nice little fuzzy creatures. 

Notice this is not a “pig” and I am adhering to the request of the meat council to not mention the “S” word at all here so I do not affect the sale of pork.

There’s also an adult section where you can buy some reason serious huggables.  You can now hug herpes and chlamydia if you want.  All four of the monsters will set you back around $30.00.  Healthcare marketing is certainly changing, and I don’t know it’s just a strange picture to me to see a child running around hugging herpes (grin).  I can hear Mom calling now, “would you please take that stomach out of your mouth”.


Now these guys don’t look quite as ominous, but these are more commonly found health issues.  I would much rather have a common cold in this version than the real thing that gets me if I had a choice. 


Here we have Staph and MRSA too, keep these out of the hospitals by all means! 


If viruses and ailments are not your thing, well there’s other plush alternatives to explore.  As mentioned above with the toy Uterus, there’s lots more where those came from here at I Love Guts.   How about a bladder or a heart or liver?


Know anyone who has had their gall bladder removed and want to send a personal message, well this could be the place for that too.  They have a few other organ specific cards too. 


This site also has some lapel pins too… a prostate pin, a uterus pin…and more…


I certainly had fun with this post.  We need a break here and there in healthcare and this was definitely the place at both sites exploring viruses and body parts in a most unusual fashion!   Must be good if CDC likes them too!  BD

H1N1 Swine Flu Available in Plush, Huggable Version

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