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Xiaflex Approved by FDA For Treatment of Claw Hand – Trial Ongoing for Off Label Use to Combat Penile Curvature

Posted Feb 03 2010 6:41pm

No I am not making this up as you can see the links below with full documentation from BNET.  Off label use for Xiaflex requires 2 injections so if one can make it through the injections it could stand to merit off label use as well as giving relief to those who suffer from claw hand.  image

There is also additional regenerative research going on with a total replacement, called “the rabbit report” here. So far one happy rabbit has enjoyed success with his organ that was grown and they are hoping to move this capability up to a human level in time. 

The company plans to market the product to physicians who are familiar with giving injections in the hand area and are familiar with the treatment of claw hand.  Side effects include allergies and potential permanent damage to tendons if the shot is not administered to the correct target area and could result in surgery to help repair any damages.  Now this really would make one want to be absolutely sure on the other off label use in clinical trials.  BD 

The FDA today approved Auxilium (AUXL)’s Xiaflex drug for Dupuytren’s contracture. Or, to translate that into language a layperson would be interested in: The FDA today approved Pfizer (PFE)’s penis-straightening drug for a related condition, claw-hand.image

BNET readers will remember that Pfizer entered a $75 million pact with Auxilium for the development of Xiaflex in December 2008. And while the pair are developing the compound for use to combat Dupuytren’s contracture (where patients’ hands contract into claws), everyone knows that the other potential use Xiaflex has is for Peyronie’s disease, or curvature of the penis from a buildup of fibrous tissue in the shaft. You can see Auxilium has a trial ongoing here, and the drug in question, “AA4500,” is the same as that used in the Xiaflex trials here.

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