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Wyeth Used and Paid Ghostwriters to Downplay the Harm of Hormone Replacement Therapy After the Women’s Health Initiative&#

Posted Sep 07 2010 6:54pm

Back in July of 2009 a judge ordered the unsealing of documents relating to how the drug was marketed, etc.  Pfizer who now owns Wyeth and all the related issues is disputing the report. image DesignWrite, a medical communications company in Princeton, N.J., proposed to Wyeth a two-year plan that would include the preparation of about 30 articles for publication in medical journals.

One of the biggest issues with the Women’s Health Initiative was the fact that the study rolled bio identical and the Wyeth drugs that are made from pregnant horse urine all into one category.  On this blog and in other places in the news we have all questioned the fact that there have not been any numbers comparing the two and perhaps Wyeth/Pfizer didn’t want this either?  Sales of Premarin and Prempro continue to decline.  Below you can see some of the discussions and links I had with Dr. Erika Schwartz about bioidentical hormones.

Hormone Therapy Said to Increase Risk of Ovarian Cancer – Were Bio Identicals Considered?

This is a good opportunity to mention a new documentary that is coming out soon and is available for screenings, Hot Flash Havoc, all about menopause and giving image women the information they need to make decisions.  The Trailer for the movie is below and once I see the entire movie I’ll be writing more.

From the website:

“Hot Flash Havoc has brought together the leading experts in women's health image across the United States to help unravel the confusion surrounding menopause and the controversial Women's Health Initiative (WHI). Our experts include doctors, clinicians, researchers, journalists, and women's health foundations. They are some of the leaders in the fields of Women's Sexual Health, Heart Health, Bone Health, Mental Health, and Physical Health. Since perimenopause begins in a woman’s mid 30’s it is vitally important for women to get educated sooner than later, thus empowering them to become their own health care advocates for the "Second Act" of their lives.”

The website also has a few other videos to see as well.  Again, more later when I have seen the entire movie and am looking forward to it.  BD

(Reuters) - Drugmaker Wyeth used ghostwriters to play up the benefits and downplay the harm of hormone replacement therapy in articles published in medical journals, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.

Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman of Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington and colleagues analyzed dozens of ghostwritten reviews and commentaries published in medical journals and journal supplements, many of them using documents from judicial trials.

They said Wyeth, now owned by Pfizer, paid a medical communication company called DesignWrite $25,000 to ghostwrite articles on clinical studies, including four testing low-dose Prempro, the company's combination estrogen-progestin therapy.

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