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Writing Tips for Economists

Posted Jan 08 2010 6:39am 1 Comment

Here are some writing tips from “Writing Economics” by Robert Neugeboren with Mireille Jacobson:

  • Outline. Organize your ideas into an argument with the help of an outline.
  • Define the important terms.
  • Use the Active Voice.
  • Put Statements in Positive Form.  Don’t write “Many day-traders did not pay attention to the warnings of experts.” Instead use “Many day-traders ignored the warnings of experts.”
  • Omit Needless Words.
  • Stick to One Tense in Summaries.
  • Summaries and Repetition.  “When writing up your empirical results focus only on what is important
    and be as clear as possible. You may feel that you are repeating yourself and that the reader may be offended at how closely you are leading him or her through your tables and graphs but, to paraphrase John Kenneth Galbraith, both smart and dumb readers will appreciate your pointing things out directly and clearly. The dumb readers need the help, and the smart ones will take silent pleasure in the knowledge that they didn’t need your assistance!”
  • Edit yourself, remove what is not needed, and keep revising until you get down to a simple, efficient way of communicating.
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Thanks for the tips Jason! As we all know living in the times of recession really need improve methods and strategies to attract business partners/investors and clients/customers too. This year 2010, several states peg their minimum wage to costs of living, so any decreases or increases will increase or decrease the state minimum wage accordingly.  One such state is Colorado – and the Colorado minimum wage will be lowered the minimum wage by 3 cents per hour in 2010. The Colorado economist will surely do some adjustments but that’s the way it is, we need to all cooperate in order to bring back our economy’s progression.
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