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World Economic Forum Rankings–US Falling Again in Most Categories–5th in Global Competitiveness and 90th in Macro Ec

Posted Sep 08 2011 10:43pm

In trust with politicians we are ranked at 50th place, and not a big secret there with digital illiteracy running rampant through our Lawmakers at every level including Washing ton.  In macro economics (this includes math) the US is in 90th place.  There are others of course worse than the US, but when you think back to just a few years ago, the US was at the top of almost all the categories.  We hear this from companies who operate in the US and have international interests as well, Intel is one example.  Bill Gates too has testified year after year in front of Congress trying to get a stir going as well, folks that code predict but many have not figured out this bit of wisdom yet. 

Intel CFO – US Not Taking High Tech Job Creation Serious Enough – A Reminder That We Are Falling Behind

in 2010 at Berkeley, Bill Gates said asked “are the brightest minds working on the most important issues”.  Well one look at Washington and that answers that with many that work on the Hill but still live in the 70s.  BD 

The US has fallen in the World Economic Forum's competitiveness rankings for the third year running. "The United States used to be very much in first place. Now it has dropped to fifth. Some elements suggest it may fall further in the future," Robert Greenhill, chief business officer of the World Economic Forum, told CNBC.

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