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Woman Sentenced for Posting Health Record Information Online – Office Dispute and Anger

Posted Jun 10 2009 4:54pm

The woman she had a dispute with had HIV and when angered over a conflict of interest, she accessed her medical records and posted them on the image web.  How mean can you get I guess.  The judge gave a harsher sentence than either attorney expected, and the woman sentenced is a mother of 3 children, great example for the kids, not.  Watch the video at the link.  BD 

A young mother has been sent to jail for stealing confidential medical records from work then posting that information online for the world to see. 

The records belong to a woman living with HIV, the defense asked for no jail time, while the prosecutor wanted a month behind bars. But the judge said the crime was so egregious he handed down a sentence harsher than what both attorneys asked for.

The 22 year old committed her crime at Straub Clinic in 2007 where she worked as a clerical assistant. There she found out a woman she had a dispute with had HIV. But instead of keeping it a secret, she accessed her medical records and then spread the private information on MySpace. Deputy Prosecutor Chris Van Marter said Fernandez laughed about the victim's situation. He read an online comment Fernandez made.

Woman Sentenced for Posting Confidential Health Information Online |

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