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Woman Died after Fat Injection Procedure in the UK – Tissue Embolism

Posted Jun 14 2009 10:43pm

this was the first documented case of fat tissue embolism – the hospital is not being blamed for the failure, but more so the the outpatient facility which did not have a bed and the delay of getting the patient to the hospital.  Even as safe as some procedures are, this somewhat reminds us that there is a level of risk with all treatments as we are all humans and our bodies can react differently.  It also makes a point here on the preparedness of outpatient facilities to react in case of problems.  BD

Rachel Soanes, 37, underwent the procedure at St Thomas’ Hospital, Waterloo, to plump out her face.

But in a ‘phenomenally rare’ complication the fat got into her lungs.

Delays mean it was almost two hours before Miss Soanes was admitted into intensive care and minutes later she was dead.

Southwark Coroners’ Court heard Miss Soanes, suffered from the condition lupus profondus, which left her with an usually thin face.

Pathologist Professor Sebastian Lucas said Miss Soanes, of Windsor Road, Norwich, died of a fat tissue embolism – one of the first ever documented cases.

This arose from an injection of fat into a vein of her face, he said.

The fat travelled into her lungs and resulting in the embolism, or blockage in the arteries.

US Post Today. » Blog Archive » Woman died after cosmetic surgery where fat injected into face, inquest hears

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