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Wireless Portable Digital Tools with Blue Tooth – Scan, Print and Convert on the Go

Posted Nov 09 2009 10:01pm

I thought I was really hot having a portable scanner that I carry with me that is small, but the pen has me beat and no feeding through the unit.   image Seriously though I have that USB scanner with me at all times so I can convert if I need to and not have to worry about shuffling papers around.  It scans right on to the tablet, and hey, after being captured I can write all over it.

This system from Planon seems to give you the best of both worlds, scan the documents for digital saving, and then print for the non digital folks or when a paper copy of something is absolutely needed.   This also brings up another interesting point too about paper, watch who’s using that pen behind your back too and scanning information you don’t want to leave the building.  In short, a good reason for being paperless in an office for security reasons.  We are still a mixed world of paper/digital documents and will be for quite some time so these 2 devices a DocuPen and small printer look like they can do the job.  I forget to check the price of the ink cartridges though. 


Nuance Paperport works with the products and what is even more advanced that what I have with USB right now is the ability via blue tooth to send the information to your phone.  Each devices will see you back around $300.00 or so and the pen has 3 different models, and it can hold up to 2gs.  This would make it easy to scan and send to your personal health record for sure.  BD 

Planon’s DocuPen Xtreme X Series takes portable scanning power to a whole new level of productivity and professionalism. The Xtreme-series of scanners provides higher quality images, improved efficiency and functionality for today’s professional. The X05 has maintained the small ‘Pen-sized’ profile but now packs in a lot more with 200MHZ computer processor, 64 MB of fast SD Ram, with a microSD expansion slot that make this by far the fastest ever. Not only that, but now includes Bluetooth for easy sending to your Blackberry, Windows Mobile smart phones, Laptop and other devices. Image quality up to 600DPI utilizing Planon’s Crystal Line Contact technology provides extremely accurate imaging, that far exceed cameras and other portable scanners for professional reproductions of contracts, receipts, invoices, color pictures and more


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