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Will California Hospitals get the Medi-Cal Funds or Will They go Elsewhere?

Posted Jul 12 2009 11:06pm

The governor would like to wants to divert some of the funds designated for hospitals into the general fund to help with the budget crisis.  I think we are beyond the point of worrying about illegal's at this point, sure they contribute, but are not the only individuals needing coverage.  According to the article here there’s $500 million at stake with matching federal funds, which is something we don’t want to miss out on with healthcare. 

The fact that California ranks dead last too is also scary, especially since it has the 8th largest economy in the world.  BD  image

There's little time to reach an agreement. Legislators must pass the bill this week if California hopes to meet the federal government's deadline to receive the matching funds (in the range of $500 million) for the fiscal third quarter. Jones' bill passed the Assembly in June and cleared the Senate Health Committee last week. It now must be passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee before going to the Senate floor. Sen. Elaine Alquist, D-San Jose, who chairs the Senate Health Committee, has signed onto the bill with Jones and is trying to shepherd it through the Senate.

This sort of opportunity doesn't come along every day. California ranks dead last in the nation when it comes to funding health care for its most vulnerable residents, the vast majority of whom are here legally.

The Legislature must find a way to compromise on capturing the matching funds to provide hospitals with needed relief while designating a portion of the money to do everything possible to keep the health system whole in its time of crisis.

Editorial: California must grab Medi-Cal lifeline for hospitals treating the poor - San Jose Mercury News

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