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Why Does An Apple IMAC Needs FDA Approval for Delivery….It’s Not A Real Apple

Posted Dec 04 2009 7:04pm
This is funny, well maybe not to the person wanting his new IMAC, but after working in logistics for many years I have to comment here.  I think he is imageright in the fact that there’s an exception here with needing the FDA to approve delivery on the records.  Is it an Apple or an IMAC, darn data entry stuff anyway.  

OK UPS go back and check your algorithms on this one as some one may have entered some incorrect data for the FDA exception to be called on the shipment.  I used to see that occasionally and yes we would all chuckle as some of the items we would see had nothing to do with the FDA or other government agencies at all, just data input error.  BD 


Well, to be more specific, either the FDA or the Department of AG/PPQ has to approve it, according to UPS. Seeing as the FDA having anything to say about my computer makes no sense, I decided to check what the latter department was. Apparently, it's the Department of Agriculture. Again, WTF.

On my UPS tracking shipment screen right now all I see is "Exception" followed by a note that my iMac was held up in in Louisville, Kentucky because, "UPS HAS OBTAINED DOCUMENTATION AND SUBMITTED TO FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION AND/OR DEPARTMENT OF AG/PPQ;AWAITING RESPONSE"

Dear FDA, Gimme My iMac -

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