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Whoops....he's not winning any ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:20pm

  Whoops.... he's not winning any votes from the physicians...and what the physicians said in the their response makes sense...BD 

In discussing how McCain would fairly reimburse physicians while controlling healthcare costs, Holtz-Eakin said McCain believes physicians should be paid based on patient outcomes, not fee-for-service, which "pays based on volume alone."

On the basis of that comment, MedPage Today surveyed readers about how physicians should be paid, asking " Is outcomes-based payment realistic?" To date, an overwhelming majority (81%) of the more than 1,200 respondents have voted "No." image

Another physician carried that argument one step further: "Relying on health outcomes as a criterion for paying physicians is unrealistic," she said, "given the volatile nature of certain disease, patient compliance, and environmental factors that affect the patient's ability to comply."Do all these comments hold a message for Sen. McCain's candidacy? None of the respondents who focused on the election indicated a favorable opinion of McCain.

Medical News: Campaign '08: McCain's Positions Put Him at Odds with Physician Readers - in Public Health & Policy, Campaign '08 from MedPage Today

Hat Tip:  Kevin, MD

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