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White House Makes Correct Decision On Veterans Insurance Proposal for Using Private Insurance

Posted Mar 18 2009 3:54pm

This was a good decision as it makes a statement too, if we can’t take care of our soldiers, where does that leave us, and how would private insurers begin using their business intelligence software to qualify claims and individuals for payment.  “Are you sure you were outside the specific range of the bomb that was used?  Are you sure you have not forgotten to put the treatment you had for a headache last year in the file?”  Those are a couple exaggerated questions, but as risk management processes claims, that’s what happens, the mining and dig for every bit of information that could be relative to payment being made. 

Perhaps some funds were needed for this:

$20 Million for a lost notebook – VA could pay for potential exposure to identity theft

And this could have been a possible “never-never” event?

Veterans given wrong drug doses due to glitch in medical records system

One other issue at hand too is the combining of medical records with the VA and DOD, how would all the pertinent information reach the insurers?

Department of Defense and VA to migrate health records

Jon Stewart had this one called out as well.  BD 

ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 18 "The White House made the correct decision to withdraw its proposal for the Department of Veterans Affairs to have military veterans' personal insurance companies pay for their service-connected disability and wounds," said VAdm. Norb Ryan, Jr., USN-Ret., president of the Military Officers Association of America.

Adm. Ryan said he advised President Obama that "pursuing this insurance proposal would detract from the outstanding 2010 Department of Veterans Affairs budget he has put forth -- the best budget for veterans care in 30 years and the largest annual increase proposed by any President."

White House Makes Correct Decision On Veterans Insurance Proposal

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