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Which people?

Posted by Paul L. Healthy Living Professional

"There are many people who would prefer to see this site never get off the ground, and as participants in the system, there are dozens of ways to delay and roadblock development and implementation."

Wow. This is a pretty important statement by Charlie Baker , CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. He was talking on his blog about continuing delays in the public posting of payment information by the MA Health Care Quality and Cost Council. The information would indicate how much individual hospitals get paid for particular services by the state's insurance companies. Charlie is a member of the Council and has been working for months in trying to move this along.

Let's think this through. Which people could possibly have an interest in slowing down the publication of this information? You can post your answers below.

(Disclosure: Charlie is a member of the BIDMC Board of Trustees, an advisory body to our hospital, not the fiduciary governing body.)
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Well...let's see.  I think the hospitals have a huge interest in blocking this information from reaching the general public (I worked in the hospital setting for 27 years, in positions that allowed me to be exposed to the finances).  It would surely let the cat out of the bag as to what the mark-up on certain services really is and the disparity of reimbursement for the same service!...the infamous aspirin cost. 
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