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Where do I find the specific location of federal Bolus (PEG) feeding regulations that affects medicaid nursing home policies.

Posted by TomDAn

We want to introduce fresh juices to our son's diet, but have been told that it is against regulations to bring in non-sealed FDA approved containers even though the hospital allowed us to.  We would also like help in the following areas: 1) Finding a federal regulation or parental exclusion that would allow our plan.  2) Finding a federally accredited food chart that would list the ph values of juice for: carrots, apples, kale, wheat grass, barely green, walnut oil.  We have been told that the manufacturer does not recommend this because the acid in juices would deteriorate the tube, however we feel this is a smokescreen since the stomach acid is more acidic than than any food and also because the main ingredient is carrot juice which is alkaline at 6.4 ph.



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