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What Pinterest, Instagram, and Spotify Teach Us About Driving Patient Volume

Posted May 23 2012 8:42am
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Posted by: on May 23, 2012

Regular readers know that the routine rant here is that healthcare marketers must drive measurable high-contribution patient volume. I am shocked, almost daily, by how little we know in healthcare about the way people are gathering information to make purchase decisions. Here is a case in point:

  • Pinterest (a virtual pinboard) has recently been valued at $1.5 billion
  • Instagram (a mobile photosharing app) was purchased by Facebook for $1.2 billion
  • Spotify (an online music streaming service) has been valued at $4.5 billion
  • The New York Times (America’s most important and prestigious newspaper) is only worth around $900 million

So what have we learned by this? If you are still mostly relying on old media, you are missing where the value is really buried.

Yes, we still have to communicate to an older demographic, but even old media gets the news in realtime through online sources.

We have to move into the digital age before we become completely irrelevant and ineffective communicators to the communities we serve.

What are you, as a healthcare marketer, doing to change the way your hospitals or practice markets in the digital age? How are you using the changing trends to your advantage to increase patient volume?

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