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What is a Structure Rhinoplasty?

Posted Jul 16 2010 10:58pm
structure  rhinoplasty When getting a rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty Beverly Hills residents will often find that the procedure is performed with the singular goal and approach of reducing the size of the nose by removing tissue. Often this led to patients having to visit the surgeon again for a revision rhinoplasty, and even then it was difficult to work with the nose because there was so much tissue and bone removed. The removal of too much supportive cartilage can weaken the nasal cartilages causing deformity and symmetry issues or even collapse of the nose! Of course, these issues will often lead to functional breathing problems, sinus conditions, and sleeping disorders.

Structure rhinoplasty specialist Dr. William Binder pioneered a new approach to rhinoplasty. He believes that strengthening rather than weakening the nose is a better way to go about rhinoplasty surgery. He realizes the importance of preserving the structural integrity of the nose. Beauty has much more to do with the proportion and balance of the facial features than it does with how petite the nose appears. Instead of removing bone and tissue, he repositions and reinforces weaknesses in the nose that contribute to the problems in both structure and function. This ensures that results are subtle and natural, focus on strengthening and restructuring the cartilage framework of the nose, and correct abnormalities caused by weaknesses in the nasal framework that affect nasal function. Many people can attest to the fact that there is nothing worse than a “surgically-overdone” nose. However, once the tissue and bone is gone, its gone, and, short of implants, there is nothing one can do to restore their nose to its original state.

When a structure rhinoplasty is performed, the closed rhinoplasty technique is used. This means that the rhinoplasty is performed from the inside of the nose so there are no visible signs of scarring. This is performed without making an incision across the delicate tissue between the nostrils (the columella). Many surgeons perform open rhinoplasty. This leaves a visible exterior scar on the nose. The reason that surgeons usually perform open rhinoplasty is because it is easier and has a shorter learning curve. The closed rhinoplasty technique is more difficult to master but looks much better at the end of the day. Even if you have to pay a little more money, it is more than worth it to get a closed rhinoplasty.
If interested in getting a structure rhinoplasty Los Angeles residents are urged to call their plastic surgeon. During your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will asses your nose and potential changes. Your nose will be examined intra-nasally to address possible breathing problems. A good plastic surgeon will have an extensive consultation with prospective patients in order to avoid a revision rhinoplasty procedure in the future!
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