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What is a CardiOncologist? A New Society Focusing on the Effects of Cancer Drugs Relative to The Affects on our Hearts

Posted Oct 12 2010 12:04pm

We have a new growing group of specialty physicians, the International image CardiOncology.  If you have been reading the news of late you see many stories about the affects of cancer drugs on the heart and the FDA is very much alive in this effort and thus the emergence of a new healthcare community.  Thanks to Dr. Wes for bringing this awareness around and you can see his post below and we like his writing methodologies a lot too! image

At Vanderbilt University you can read more about this partnership in the US and their commitment.  Obviously, the answer to all of this would be to create drugs that didn’t affect the heart when treating cancer, but we are not living in that world but perhaps a goal to shoot for.  BD

Oncologists - We're Coming to Get You

... as cardioncologists .
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
This is what happens when they take our imaging payments away...
... we metastasize to other specialties and create our own international societies .


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