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Wendell Potter - Join Me in L.A. at the Los Angeles RAM (Remote Access Medical) Event

Posted Aug 11 2009 9:27am

Below is a little clip from my prior post, use the link to catch all the details for patients and volunteers.  Wendell Potter will be there, the former insurance image company executive that had his eyes opened at the RAM event in Virginia.  We need healthcare reform and my 2 cents here is that there are 2 sets of formulas that are used for calculating risk, ones by the government and ones by private insurers.  As voters we can demand to see and have open source code to look at, we don’t get that with private insurers as they use proprietary software.  As voters, with private industry we have no voice, as we do now, with government, we do have a vote and a voice. 

Remote Area Medical Coming to Los Angeles – August 11-18th at the Forum

I’m going to add a bit of my own views here as one who has written code and queries, as 99% of the decisions made today are based on results from querying data bases, who’s code do you trust?   I think we need a balance somewhere along this line to keep the doors open so we know what is going on, thus the need for our governing representatives to take an interest and understand this.  You can have all the drama queen and king events you want, pass laws, but the ultimate decisions are derived from running queries from data bases for business intelligence and risk management business models.  

It is the algorithms that do the dirty work, not humans, it is in the code. You don’t have to be a computer expert to understand all the fine tuning, but please be aware that these business models are automated and run like clockwork; however they are designed and they should also be contained to work within the law.  A customer service representative looks at his/her screen for their decisions, the screen shows the results of queries being run based on the parameters of the data input into the system.  Don’t forget this.    

When we do not have an opportunity to inspect and share with other individuals who also know how queries and data bases work, we are at a disadvantage, take heed here as we need more than a “trust me” handshake.  Audit trails are needed to keep everyone honest. If you need to compare this to something similar, look at Wall Street, the code runs everything there too.   I’m sure Mr. Potter can vouch for this fact.   I just wanted to see if I could perhaps convey with another point of view here what this is all about as technology plays even a much larger role than does Congress in the long run as it will do the dirty work 24/7, not Congress or the President (humans don’t work 24/7) and we need a good solid open and fair foundation set forth so everyone operates as they should without profit being the driving force

I can almost guess we shall see some press to with Wendell Potter in the upcoming days at the RAM even in Los Angeles too!  image

Dr. Natalie Nevins, director of medical education at Downey Regional Medical Center is also quoted here in another related article. 

"We want everyone who shows up, no matter who they are, to be treated as the amazing human being they are, This is not just Band-Aid care. This is about making sure everyone who is seen is connected to care and information."

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From Wendell Potter:

On behalf of the millions of men, women and children who will suffer the same fate unless Congress passes real reform this year, I am issuing this invitation to President Obama and members of Congress: join me at the next RAM event, which will be held over eight days next month in Los Angeles (August 11-18).

Congress, if you must take your August vacation, spend a day or two of it -- or a few minutes of it, if that's all you can spare--helping to image register the many thousands of your fellow Americans who will be standing in long lines, in the dark, waiting for the doors of the Forum to open. Chances are you visited the Forum in years past to see the Lakers play. Be prepared this time to see it fulfilling an entirely different function, and be prepared to look those folks in the eye and explain why you needed to go on vacation before passing health care reform. And explain to them why many of you are saying we just can't afford reform, so let's just call the whole thing off and let the private market continue to work its ruthless magic.

Remember, Congress: while you are on vacation, 150,000 Americans will lose their insurance, many of them will file for bankruptcy because of mounting medical bills, and at least 1,500 will die because they don't have coverage that gives them access to care they need.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in L.A.

President Obama and Congress: If You Missed Wise County, Join Me in L.A. | Center for Media and Democracy

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