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Wendell Potter Interview With David Pakman Show–The Deadly Spin- How Health Insurance Companies Work The Algorithms (Video

Posted Dec 01 2010 10:03pm

You can read all the stories of unfairness in this business and how people are denied care due to profitability and yes there needs to be work done here but decisions made coldly on an algorithm presented on a screen when someone’s life it at hand is cold and unethical, there’s tons of this in the news, but as a society we need to acknowledge and grasp where this reality comes from and understand the folks with the data and the accelerated intelligence for profit drive this. 

This is great to see some really good press here to for once help educate the public on how data systems are set into place, along with campaigns and lobbyists to work on keeping the profits on Wall Street, even if people die.  What is interesting too is that Mr. Potter is asked about what health insurance he has now, he’s covered under his wife’s plan and looks forward to the days when exchanges takes hold for all.   

And Now A Word From Wendell Potter About Healthcare Reform and Medical Loss Ratios..

Wendell Potter Speaks About the Health Insurance Industry’s Lethal Bottom Line – The Algorithms

I don’t know how or what type of reform can truly cure this other than going back to having a non profit insurance structure to get rid of the profit pressures.  What is really funny with all the data errors we have and mistakes, what data base do all refer to when they need to find out if someone is still alive?  Social Security Death Index is the program.  Social Security is run by the government and quite efficiently and with little cost and is something to think about.  BD 

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