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Water filtration

Posted by Barkri12

Water filters are relatively inexpensive and improve the overall taste of your tap water as well as the smell, and appearance.  Many filters will also remove some harmful chemicals found in your drinking water.  Currently there isn't a better way of ensuring your drinking water and cooking water is as healthy as possible for you and your family.  Compare a glass of bottled water to a glass of tap water. Look at the color, clarity and then smell both of them.  Chances are, your tap water will be cloudy, and may smell of bleach. 

There are numerous types of water filtration systems on the market, so take the time and read the product information so that you will purchase the type of filter for your needs.  Depending on the type of water filter you choose to install, they can be extremely effective in removing specific substances.  Some filters are more specific than others are and more effective.   

The filter I have installed is designed especially to remove or lead.  Other filters will remove chlorine.  Neither of these two filters will remove microorganisms, which require a special filter.  The chlorine filter and the filter to remove lead are intended for use with water that has already been tested and proven safe.

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Just as good or even better. We use the same technology, reverse osmosis (RO), as other major bottling plants use to filter water. Our drinking water has a sweet taste with a touch of minerals —not like the flat taste of distilled or bottled water. The five-stage system is the most stable and complete RO process. The best part is that you maintain your system and ensure your family's health yourself.

All we use is the Brita system although I wish I could make the siltration system smaller and still get the same effect.

There is a new 14 stage water filter out, over a thousand dollars now, but should come down in price as it is perfected more and mass produced.  This is in response to the hormones and other medication residues in the water, that RO and other filters cannot remove as of yet.  So many women are on birth control, that when they urinate, they urinate out the hormones, and water treatment plants as of now cannot remove these chemicals.  They were not designed to. 

This is a huge problem worldwide, which was brought on by fish that developed both male and female sex organs, the researchers couldnt understand why this was, until they looked further.  Also, birds have been nesting male-male, and overall, men are becoming more feminine.  The World Congress of Families just had a seminar in Rockford, IL. where this was discussed. 

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