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Wall Street Fraud Watchdog – Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster in the US – Wall Street It’s Not Going Away

Posted Feb 02 2010 11:48pm

Another watchdog is born this week, earlier in the week we had the Healthcare Watchdog emerge.  With the shape of things today and greed ruling our country, lets get some more of these groups going.image

What the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is talking about today is the health problems from the toxic drywall that was used for years in homes, and heavily in the south.  Your wall can make you sick, even if you don’t stare at them.   This somewhat reminds me of the big melamine issue being added to milk and in China I read here and there they are still having issues within their own country.  Well one part of China is being resourceful and found out that stuff we had in our milk would make good bricks!  Yikes, sipping on a brick is not my idea of good nutrition.

In both of these instances we are talking about chemical poisoning.  The Watchdog is advising all to be aware and mentions how many individuals have health problems due to the toxic walls used in homes, and yes that will probably be the next algorithmic formula to qualify for health insurance to see if you presently or have ever lived in a toxic house, and investors may want to know this too as relates to their “Human Hedge Fund” bonds, so they can hedge against how long you will live with your disease and if you have a life insurance policy taken over by investors if you cash out. 

You could now qualify for a “Toxic House” bond group, but don’t live too long or the investors will lose their money.  This is real folks, they have diabetes groups, cancer groups and more set up, you cash out your life insurance and the investors keep making the payments on your policy so in essence your policy does not expire, and they bet on life expectancy in a bond with people having the same disease/health issues all wrapped in together.  Use the link above and choke when you read it, pretty disgusting.  Would they set up a bond and group of Toxic House victims, probably so if made a buck.


That’s kind of the way risk management works today, find a new disease, categorize it, create a model to make money from it, and then get down to the real business of creating the algorithmic software that carves out profits where they never existed before.  It’s like fresh new data to analyze and figure out how to squeeze some money out no matter what it is, let’s bet.  Certainly I am projecting here maybe a little but just doing so after years of observing patterns.    At any rate hopefully the Watchdog is here to help out and bring attention to the matters of importance. 

You can see from the screenshots above, if you feel you have been victimized and suffered any losses they want to hear from you and take heed on the toxic wall issues before that potential illness moves up to be business model for making money.  BD


(Vocus/PRWEB ) February 2, 2010 -- The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is warning Wall Street, investors, the insurance sector, finance sector, pension fund advisors, and Washington DC to wake up to a brewing disaster called toxic Chinese drywall, or tainted American made drywall, that was used in US residential construction/remodeling from 2001, to early 2009. The group is saying, "This is the absolute worst environmental disaster in US housing history, the 100,000's of US effected US homeowners are completely innocent, and an asleep at the switch federal response, is no longer satisfactory."

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is saying, "If Wall Street thinks this Chinese drywall/bad US drywall mess is just going to go away-that would be insanity. The health care insurance providers are already paying through the nose on this disaster, because they have failed to figure out you cannot treat chemical exposure issues- with an antibiotic."

“The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is warning all US investors to be very wary about the US Stock Market & Wall Street talking heads promoting the idea that we will be out of the recession woods by the fourth quarter of 2009. According to the group," this is not your standard run of the mill recession, residential real estate price devaluations & foreclosures will continue in the second half of 2009 & for all of 2010, the national unemployment rate will increase to 12% by the end of the year, & the spendaholics in Congress have blotted out the next few years, or more, with their mindless bailouts (start thinking inflation)." The group is saying, "go to cash right now & don't trust Wall Street & their BS. Start believing your gut, and start thinking international developments could change everything in a nanosecond ."

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