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Vote Catto for President, and make it the last election you ever have to vote in

Posted Oct 17 2009 10:01pm

Are you sick and tired of politicians wanting your vote?
Do you want someone who will solve the problem of voting once and for all??

This is your man. Catto, (or Doggo as he is known to his friends) will be elected President of the Royal Society of Medicine, and solve the election problem! Forever

He solved the problem for the GMC and he can do the same for the Royal Society of Medicine. Nowadays you don't have to send off a form for elections onto the Council. In the Brave New World of Modern Medicine Big Brother appoints them for you. Yes that was one of Catto's greatest achievements!! it goes well and beyond the show trials, the predeterminations, the racism, and treatment of the mentally ill, for which he made the GMC world class. I am willing to bet he can do it for any institution he is a part of! I believe he is even considering standing for President of the European Union.

Catto will abolish further elections, he did so successfully at the General Medical Council and there is no reason why he shouldn't succeed at the Royal Society of Medicine

Keep up to date with news and views here Click here and join The Vote Doggo campaign for lonely (and those with friends), old (and young), men (and women) everywhere. This is the official launch of the Vote Doggo, sorry I meant Vote for Mr Catto campaign

It has been said about Mr Catto "lonely weird man looking for purpose seeks election victory in old age, all suitable positions considered, will run for anything, even a bus"

I don't think that's fair, I would like him to know now, that I sincerely apologise and I am sorry if he is offended by my interpretation of his reign at the General Medical Council. And that I unreservedly apologise and retract everything I have said and might in the future say that might in any way adversely affect his reputation.

And now I have got the apologies out of the way, its time to party - for the only result that's possible!!!


Be on the winning side

It has been rumoured that a second candidate may be standing - but you know who to vote for,

Click here to keep up to date with the Vote Doggo Campaign

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