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Visual Literacy and Teacher Voice

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:28pm

Andy Rush posts about a video series he watched at at Human Dog Laboratory.

I am moved by the apathy I hear in the high school math teacher's voice and impressed up on how incredible this medium would be to give teachers voice. So many teachers have a story to tell. A story that once heard by policy makers and the brain trusts of education really could make a difference in the changes we advocate for in public education.

I am also moved by the use of technology as a medium. This is what we need to be using to teach the very concepts that this teacher reports his students do not have. If the problem is the curriculum and high stakes testing environment.... If the students are achieving and yet still not literate and able to compete in the 21st century market place...then it is time to use powerful examples like this to engage the students and help them be prepared. What teachers can do is restructure their delivery methods of the curriculum and prepare students for the world they will face as adults. They will still master the district curriculum and do well on the "tests" and yet they would have such a deeper engagement with the concepts you are teaching and the ability to conceptualize.

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