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Virtual PC display Golden i Bluetooth Headset – A New Way to View and Input Electronic Medical Records on the Horizon Perhaps…

Posted May 12 2009 3:59pm

So maybe now we might have an up and coming solution for data entry and viewing electronic medical records, as it is not here yet, but working on a release for next year.  It uses embedded Windows CE, much like Windows Mobile on your phone.  This is a totally hands free operation with the software from Nuance, the same technology that is included with new cars, so you can start practicing now in your car on how to work with the technology from a voice standpoint.

New Study Shows Nuance’s Dragon Medical Accelerates Transition to Electronic Medical Records

So in the future could your records and images just be right in the doctor’s eye?  This sure takes care of any privacy issues with others not being able to see, and again stepping outside an area to use voice commands could handle that portion.  It could be a really fast way to access images in a PACS system too and is slated to have 8 hours of battery use.  I use software to project my desktop image now with my Windows Mobile Cell phone, but this goes way beyond that capability!  It even has a micro SD slot to store more information, but with medical records you may want to be very careful on what goes on the card.  Theoretically, the doctor could put on the headset and start with the order of seeing patients from one exam room to the next.  The noise cancelling microphone makes this perfect for speech recognition and the ability to control up to 7 devices is phenomenal.  BD

May 12, 2009 Mobile phones and laptop computers have made traditional 9-to-5 workdays a thing of the past for many workers. That ability to work from any location, however, can be a double-edged sword. The flexibility to be freed from the office also means that work is increasingly encroaching on people’s recreation time, as they find they are never really off the clock. That situation looks set to worsen, or improve, depending on your perspective, with the introduction of the Golden-i from Kopin Corporation. The Golden-i is a Bluetooth headset that provides a 15-inch virtual display with a hands-free, natural-speech-recognition interface for wireless remote control over a range of devices including mobile phones, PCs, company networks and wireless systems.


The Golden-i connects to a host device through a Bluetooth, WiFi or cellular link, providing hands-free access to digital information, broadcast programming and internet services, including real-time, full-color high-resolution D-1 (720 x 480p x 30 frames per second) streaming video over Bluetooth 2.0.


Once connected to a host device, such as a PC, users see their PC desktop screen on the 15-inch virtual display and with Nuance’s VoCon3200 software they can control it using voice commands in a number of languages. Kopin claims this software provides more than 90 percent proficiency straight out of the box, and the more it is used, the better it works.

The headset can also remotely control up to seven other devices or networks at one time, similar to the way users control software applications on a PC desktop.

Golden-i Bluetooth headset with virtual PC display

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