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Virtual care and nurse visits part of redesign at Fairview

Posted Dec 06 2010 11:44am

Monday, December 6th, 2010

By Mike Stephens
Former CEO, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

As healthcare systems across the country begin to figure out the best ways to improve healthcare, Fairview is among those making changes worth noting. At Fairview in Minneapolis, staff are going through a primary care delivery redesign. So what does this all mean?

It is a focus on improving the way care is offered to patients. The idea is to make the process more efficient for all of those involved. This is the trend we are beginning to see as we try to rein in costs, while improving the quality of care patients receive in this country.

At all 42 Fairview clinics, physicians and staff are trying new ideas that include:

1. Organizing staff into teams. Each team includes a physician, nurse practitioner, nurses, medical assistants and schedulers.

2. Engaging patients in their care. Some patients received a survey last summer aimed at better understanding their level of “activation” - their interest in managing their health. Results are helping shape their care plans.

3. Using technology to drive change.

4.  Offering care in more efficient ways including nurse-only visits; virtual care visits via e-mail and phone; and group appointments.

5.  Implementing care packagesa collection of clinical best practices around a disease or condition to ensure those patients get the best, consistent care possible.

The video below includes interviews with staff and patients from Fairview. They explain  Fairview's Care Model Innovation or CMI and the positive changes this is bringing to Fairview. It is a system that is helping to transform healthcare.

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