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Violence on the Rise at U.S. Health Care Centers – Agree Have Posted About Enough Of the Events Here

Posted Jun 10 2010 7:29pm

The comments here are interesting in the fact that one eludes to patients feeling they have a right to healthcare and I don’t think it so much the “right” that has impact, it’s the system we are operating in, the same system that is underpaying, overworking and frustrating physicians.  Well guess what, it’s now rolling over into the world of the patient with transparency and with time stretched so thin.  It is not always the patient either, like this case where the doctor stole the patient’s image Rolex and left him to die.

Based on those incidents, don’t wear a valuable watch to the hospital.  On top of stories like the above, you now have weird hospital administrators thinking a scene out of reality television would be good training for the hospital. 

Everybody is being pushed to their limits with healthcare in one form or another and we have a lot of finger pointing going on instead of trying to collaborate in some instances which is sad.  Patients have walked in and shot and killed doctors too, have had a couple of those in the last year.  Leadership is sad in this country with no role models too and until there’s a hint of some “warm and fuzzy feelings” soon, it doesn’t look like the violence will simmer down.  BD 

THURSDAY, June 10 (HealthDay News) -- More and more violent crimes are occurring in America's hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities, according to a new alert issued by the Joint Commission, an independent health care oversight group.

Since 2004, there have been "significant increases in reports of assault, rape and homicide, with the greatest number of reports in the last three years," the group said in its "Sentinel Event Alert" released last week, the latest in a series of alerts on serious adverse events occurring in health care settings.

According to the Joint Commission's voluntary reporting system for these adverse events, there have been 256 assaults, rapes or homicides of patients and visitors to American health center.

Another factor, said Colling, is that Americans are more likely to vent their frustrations about the flawed health care system.

"Patients today tend to feel more entitled," he added. "They feel that they have a right to immediate health care, and they don't like having to wait in line."

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