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VeraTemp Non Contact Thermometer to Be Sold At Best Buy Wellness & Health Depts–Shoot and Aim Temps At Your Fingertips

Posted Sep 29 2011 12:16am

This is a pretty wicked thermometer and you can use it to take the temperature of image other things too, like bath water, coffee, sidewalk, you name it.  It does not make contact and it has an LED display.  It’s battery operated so all you do is point and hit the button, done.  The name of the thermometer is called Kidz-Med and I can’t think of a kid or an adult for this matter that won’t appreciate this versus old methodologies and of course use where any bacterial or virus presence may be would be a plus.  BD 

The thermometers are based on sophisticated thermometry technology to register the temperature of a person by just pointing the device to the individual’s forehead and pressing a button.

The VeraTemp thermometer is non-contact type unlike conventional thermometers that need to be placed in a body orifice to get the appropriate temperature reading or the scan type thermometers that need to be scanned along a person’s forehead. The size of the thermometer is approximately equal to that of a remote control and it uses two AAA batteries.

In order to measure the temperature, the device is aimed at the person’s forehead and the scan button is pressed. Instantly the thermometer provides ambient and forehead temperature after performing a large number of computations with a proprietary algorithm and gives the precise body temperature.

Since the thermometer is non-contact type, it is also possible to determine temperatures of objects such as bath water, baby bottle, nursery or food.

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