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Using a Hot Tub Cover: Cleanliness and Safety Benefits

Posted Nov 22 2012 6:51am

A hot tub or spa is something that any owner looks forward to after a hard day’s work. You just want to wash away the day’s troubles in the warmth of the hot tub while the refreshing water rejuvenates your mind and body.

When you own a spa, you have invested in a type of property that provides you great leisure. Therefore, it is imperative that you protect your spa the same way you protect any other piece of property. This is where discount spa covers become important. There are many advantages to covering your hot tub or spa with a cover. The following are some of the many reasons to own and use a spa cover.

Spa covers protect the water from dirt, dust, and grime

Without covers, hot tubs and spas would be breeding places for insects and mosquitoes. Without a cover, stagnant water could be infected with microorganisms and most likely you wouldn’t even notice it. These microscopic organisms thrive in damp conditions. When an individual goes into this type of water, he is prone to infection by such microorganisms. There is no control on what type of organisms are already thriving in the damp and moist conditions provided by an uncovered hot tub.

The best way to deal with this is to cover your spa or hot tub with a hot tub covers. This way you can protect the water inside the hot tub from external dust, grime, and microorganisms that could cause illness.

A spa cover retains heat

Discount spa covers help the spa retain the correct water temperature. Water loses heat in uncovered spas. When you place a cover on a hot tub, you ensure that the heat within the hot tub is conserved for a longer period of time. Otherwise you may have to re-heat the water in your spa each time you step into it.

Cumulatively, this adds up to high energy expenditures. You could incur hefty electricity bills considering that heating water in a hot tub takes a considerable amount of heating and energy. Re-heating doubles energy expenditure.

Protects children from falling inside

You should have a spa cover on a unit if it is deep or large and especially if you have children or pets around. Special locking hard cover styles may help to prevent children and pets from accidentally slipping and falling inside the hot tub, thus resulting in injuries or worse. Visit to learn more about the efficiency of covers for hot tubs and spas.

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