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Use the methodology which makes sense - Traditional Project Management vs Agile Project Management

Posted Nov 08 2009 10:01pm

Seems like these days there is a lot of dialogue of being all one way or all another way, I for one understand the need to standardize and minimize variation. However, there still remains the problem, if you only know how to use a hammer, all problems look like nails.

For project management, I would propose being methodology agnostic and use the techniques which work for the particular project. All projects are constrained by scope, time, and cost. Depending on which of the three is clearly know, really lays out the methodology one utilizes.

In traditional project management, we gather the requirements, have a good understanding of the scope, then plan the project according to cost and time. The scope is well known, but the cost and time are variables. Once we have the project in place we follow-up on tasks, and establish an environment where task and cost reporting are management controls for the project.

Agile project management, there is a known budget and delivery time, however the requirements are nebulous. Remaining requirements will be progressively elaborated on throughout development. We plan the project according to functionality as we run through iterations. Once we have the project underway, we make sure the teams are empowered to create the desired feature and functions. As project managers, we establish an environment which drives to the desired outcome by managing teams and quickly adapting to change on the project.

These are two very different techniques to managing a project. Having more than one methodology in your pocket, allows you to decide and recommend the methodology which makes sense for the project at hand.

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