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USAA Bank/Financials Introduce Service for Deposits – Take a Picture of the Check with Your iPhone

Posted Aug 09 2009 10:58pm 1 Comment

USAA Bank is privately held and only has one location, but has used mobile applications in part to move up into the top 20 banks in the US.  This is image actually pretty cool, take a picture of your check and send it off and money is deposited. USAA Bank also offers health insurance benefits through Humana to include Medicare part C and part D.    We now see scanners at most of the ATM machines now anyway that take your deposits. 

They have already offered the service of using a scanner to deposit checks for a couple years now.   In case you missed it, you might want to reap up on medical banking, link below.  I try to include newsworthy technology items that you may in short time come face to face with and I agree we have a multitude of software applications and new procedures to digest all over the place. 

Medical Banking – If you Have Not Started Online Banking here’s A New Curve to Absorb

“Banks learn about new and exciting ways to optimize and expand their services for healthcare clients. Medical providers address new risks in banking relationships and find out about emerging cash management services that reduce operating costs. Attorneys gain countless hours utilizing our research on emerging risk areas – many still being defined. Clearinghouses gain strategic insight on how to position their services...and the list of communities that benefit from membership goes on.”

You can learn more at the website here.   The would also like you to text message instead of calling to keep costs down.  As mentioned below, Bank of America also has an application now where you can check balances and do some limited transactions via the iPhone too, but the move with sending a image picture of the check is USAA only for right now.  If you have not figured out how to take pictures yet with your cell phone, now might be the time to practice up. 

On a related technology, try using Windows Tags from your cell phone, similar technology.  I have mine on this page if you want to try it out once you download the software.  It uses the camera from your cell phone too.

Windows Tags – Bar Coding Information Made Easy from your Cell Phone


It comes in handy with reading General Mills products in the stores to get the full description of the product too.

The Internet has taken a lot of the paperwork out of banking, but there is no avoiding paper when someone gives you a check. Now one bank wants to let customers deposit checks immediately — through their phones.

USAA, a privately held bank and insurance company, plans to update its iPhone application this week to introduce the check deposit feature, which requires a customer to photograph both sides of the check with the phone’s camera. image

USAA may seem like an unlikely innovator in mobile banking. It ranks in size just below the top 20 banks in the United States, and serves mostly military personnel, though many of its products are available to anyone.

But with just one branch, in San Antonio, and customers deployed all over the world, the company has been aggressively developing an anytime, anywhere banking strategy. Three years ago, it introduced the option of depositing a check from home using a scanner. That laid the groundwork for the phone deposit feature, which USAA plans to offer on other phones this year.

For instance, Bank of America, which has an iPhone app, has more than three million mobile banking customers, and 43 percent of them bank with an iPhone or iPod touch, said Tara A. Burke, a company spokeswoman.

USAA Bank Will Let Customers Deposit Checks by iPhone -

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Thank God for internet banking, I say. I have three very active accounts, three very active children and one very time-consuming job, so going to the bank became almost impossible for me and my husband. But, nowadays we have an iphone and do most our banking online while on the move. It has made my life so much simpler. Many of the sites listed at have the online banking facility and I hope they all develop iphone banking apps.
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