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Update Cisco Lays Off Hundreds - UnitedHealth To Spend Tens of Million of Dollars with Cisco to Build Nationwide Telehealth Netw

Posted Jul 16 2009 11:05pm

On the same day more details come out about the project, Cisco lays off a big number of employees.   You can read the original post below.  This sounds like a great project for the rural areas, but why financed by a health care insurance company that patients have issues with on paying claims, maybe it was that extra income from Ingenix that is helping finance the huge and expensive project?  Actually all carriers should be able to participate in something like this and I somewhat wonder why the government is not involved with grants, thus perhaps some of the money spent could be left image over to cover healthcare.  United could make money leasing space to other insurance companies once the network is set up, just like they did with Ingenix so it’s about money and health care insurance companies are certainly beginning to resemble Venture Capitalists more all the time.   BD 

UnitedHealth To Spend Tens of Million of Dollars with Cisco to Build Nationwide Telehealth Network

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--United Health Group (UNH) and Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO) announced Wednesday a new health initiative that will use technology to bring remote medical care to rural and underserved populations.

The first national telehealth network, called "Connected Care," will employ Cisco videoconferencing and other technologies to simulate in-person doctor visits between United Health's 590,000 medical professionals and patients in rural areas, the workplace and underserved populations. United Health is providing "tens of millions of dollars" in funding the program, the company said in a statement. The program also aims to connect hospitals and clinics with patients at home or in the workplace.

"This new technology-enabled delivery model will improve productivity and efficiency in health care while at the same time minimizing costs for access to quality care services," Dr. Kaveh Safavi, vice president of Cisco's Global Healthcare Practice, said in a statement. United Health is talking with at least six states about rolling out the program, first in clinics this summer and later to patients in their homes.

In one of the first official implementations, residents of rural New Mexico will be able to get remote health screenings and treatments through a partnership with the humanitarian organization, Project HOPE.

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