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UnitedHealth Will Sell You Insurance to guarantee that in the future you will be able to get insurance?

Posted Dec 04 2008 2:32am

If you are sick though, you probably won’t qualify to make the gamble which is about 20% over your regular premiums, those that we are all image having trouble affording as high as they are now!  Sure the president of UnitedHealth care can afford it, but what about everyone else who’s having to make the change to the bare minimum policies as money is tight and more comes out of pocket for doctors visits and prescriptions.  This last year I have seen some of the most bizarre marketing efforts coming from the insurance industry, even to where another carrier was testing a pilot program to pay patients to take their medications, so how many more algorithms will be written and devised to further complicate the issues?  Do we have to hedge on our health now? 

Also, does this just included UnitedHealth, I am assuming it is only for their policies and not other carriers, but don’t quote me. One more roll of the dicey insurance business, having to bet against the fact that you may or may not get sick.  Health Insurance is like the old box of chocolates that Forest Gump talked about, you just never know what you are going to get, and it’s getting worse all the time.  BD  

The health insurance mess has come to this: UnitedHealth will now sell you insurance that guarantees your future ability to buy health insurance, even if you get sick, the New York Times reports.

Robert Collins, president of UnitedHealth’s individual insurance unit, is the first customer for the product called UnitedHealth Continuity. It costs him $50 a month. For “a very modest premium,” he told the Times, Continuity protects a person’s future insurability.

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