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UCI Opens New $40 Million Dollar Medical Education Center - Televideo Auditorium Teleconferencing to Watch Real Time Medical Pro

Posted Feb 09 2010 9:54pm

This is a new home to simulation and the use of telemedicine for teaching.  UCI also just recently completed their new wing which is state of the art with sinksimage galoreeverywhere one wants to wash their hands.  Recently the hospital was in the news for dropping Blue Shield insurance.  You might also remember this recent announcement of a new stem cell treatment to begin soon.

Alsonot too long ago I did a walk through of Miller’s Children’s Hospital in Long Beachwhich is a teaching facility for UCI and I did get to see their modern auditorium away from the operating room to allow for academic learning without the old style theater and that hospital had everything state of the art to include a 320 bit CT scanner too.  With the televideo connection I am sure that videos from other UCI facilities will be possible too. 

Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach – Brand New Pavilion Carries Focus on Patients and “Green”

Below is a video of the UCI new hospital wing and they have been kind enough to feature the Medical Quack here and there too with a couple mentions.  If you are in Orange County and feel you are having a heart attack or other heart disease issuesthis is the place to go with 24/7 interventional neurologistscardiologists and radiologists on duty.  You want to know the interventional MDs by all means in case of cardiac arrest.  BD  

Physicians and scientists this week will begin moving into a new $40.5 million medical education center at UC Irvine that features a 60-seat “televideo” auditorium where students can watch doctors use teleconferencing to provide care to patients in rural and remote areas of the state. Medical students also will be able to watch real-time medical procedures that doctors perform at UCI Douglas Hospital in Orange.

The auditorium is part of a  growing effort by the University of California system to expand in “telemedicine,” a type of care that’s considered especially important to patients who currently have limited access to specialists. UC San Diego and UC Davis are currently building similar centersand UCLA has been expanding its well-established telemedicine system.

Students will utilize digitally controlledfull-body simulators in operating-room and trauma-room settingsand the televideo room will allow students to see medicine practiced at distant locations with real-time ability to communicate with clinical instructors.

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