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Twitter is the digital watercooler in Medicine

Posted Dec 16 2012 5:27pm
I just don't have time to join Twitter.
Are you serious, Twitter?

Being in the minority of medical providers who use Twitter for work, these are common responses I hear. I would make the counter argument that it has given me opportunities to learn, collaborate, and share on a much more efficient level. 

The best argument that I can come up with is that it is the new digital, global watercooler in Medicine. The difference from your current watercooler area is that this area includes global thought-leaders and educators. Seriously, who wouldn't want to eavesdrop on conversations and learn from leaders like Amal Mattu, Scott Weingart, and Mike Cadogan?
  • It's where we hear of interesting new studies or controversial clinical tips. 
  • It's where we bounce ideas off each other so that we go off and learn more on our own. 
  • It's where we see practice variations worldwide.
Question to the collective: 
What has been your best argument for why one should join Twitter? 

Here's my recent " Digital Watercooler " article in Emergency Physicians Monthly. This will launch a new EP Monthly column capturing Twitter conversations, written by our very own Dr. Javier Benítez! Keep a lookout for it.
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